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Product Description

» Environmentally friendly system, operating with R-410A refrigerant.
» Scroll compressor on selected units for optimal performance.
» Galvanized steel cabinet to protect system from weather conditions.
» Excellent system to save energy and enhance air quality.

Condenser Features
» Equipped with highly efficient, reliable and dependable compressor
» Galvanized steel cabinet that protects against corrosion for the ultimate coil protection
» Silencer system allows air to glide smoothly through the unit from the top
» Coil is designed to optimize heat transfer, increase durability and reliability
» High and low pressure switches monitor refrigerant pressure to avoid compressor damage

Evaporator Features
» High efficiency “A” shape coil that provides exceptional heat transfer and refrigeration flow
» 3 Speed blower motor that works quietly providing airflow selection
» Slide out blower assembly for easy maintenance
» Vertical and horizontal installation position
» Uses piston expansion device
» Time delay relay, fan relay and transformer included

Model Numbers


  • A13CV4C4M18
  • A13CV4C4M24
  • A13CV4C4M30
  • A13CV4C4M36
  • A13CV4C4M42
  • A13CV4C4M48
  • A13CV4C4M60
  • A13CV4C5M60


  • A13EK4H4M18
  • A13EK4H4M24
  • A13EK4H4M30
  • A13EK4H4M36
  • A13EK4H4M42
  • A13EK4H4M48
  • A13EK4H4M60

Product Details

  • Efficiency 13 SEER
  • Capacities 18,000-60,000 BTU
  • Tags Air-Con