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Air-Con Inc. is a Puerto Rican Company fully committed to be the best air conditioning distribution company in Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

Air-Con Inc. is synonymous of excellence demonstrated in their 16 years of distributing world-leading products such as Daikin and Air-Con. Air-Con Inc. is a Company respected for a high degree of integrity, professionalism, and commitment to serve its customers.

Air-Con Inc. has been the pioneer in introducing Energy Savings and Environmental Friendly Products and the ability to change the Puerto Rico and Caribbean market.

Thanks to those efforts, Air-Con Inc. has been awarded by Ernst & Young as the best distribution Company in Puerto Rico in 2005, received multiple awards from Daikin like the Lion Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012, also received from the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce the XXX Award for the expansion outside of Puerto Rico in 2014.


The best quality and energy saving solution at the best price.


Air-Con Timeline


  • Air-Con opens doors on March 1
  • Air-Con opens its first store in Caparra, P.R
  • Air-Con opens its second store in Bayamón, P.R


  • Air-Con becomes the largest Daikin distributor in Latin-America
  • Air-Con starts with its own “Air-Con” brand
  • Air-Con opens store in Río Piedras, P.R


  • Air-Con opens store in Ponce, P.R


  • Air-Con is awarded by Ernst & Young as the Best Distribution Company in Puerto Rico
  • Air-Con opens store in Mayaguez, P.R


  • Air-Con has obtained the Daikin distribution rights for the Caribbean Islands, where there is no distributor
  • Air-Con has become a leader in the Puerto Rican air conditioning market


  • New distribution center was inaugurated in April. A 51,000 sq ft facility has consolidated the engineering, warranty, inventory & logistics and administration of the company.


  • Air-Con is honored by Daikin with the Lion Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.


  • Air-Con is celebrates its 15 Anniversary as an industry leader in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.